Always questioning. Forever discovering.

Your baby’s first questions aren’t asked out loud. Before babies can even talk, they pose dozens of questions with their pointed fingers. It’s up to us to keep them pointing, to keep them asking why.

What makes baby point?

Stimulating objects invite your little one to form questions in physical and sensory ways, like pointing, reaching, touching and tasting. His questions lead to discoveries, and those discoveries inspire—you guessed it—even more questions.

As baby keeps stepping along his path of discovery, you can help:

Support language

Support language skills

If baby poses a question without using words, you can say out loud the question you think he might be asking—"What does this button do? What’s behind that flap?" Verbalizing your little one’s hypothetical questions exposes him to new words.

Encourage cognitive

Encourage cognitive skills

When your little one is curious about something, you can respond to his questions with an experience instead of an answer in order to help build his cognitive skills.

Inspire Curiosity

Inspire curiosity

Exposing your little one to interesting objects and multi-sensory experiences sparks curiosity and invites him to think about why things exist and how they work.